To share our passion for great coffee with the world humbly, as evangelists our obsession and constancy without discrimination.

True to the Cup
Whatever we do has to have zero negative impact on final cup. No dishonest shortcuts to make quick profits.

Put processes in place. Stick with people. Stick with places. Stick with customers. Don't let your mood or the weather change who you are being, or what you're offering.

Until you don't feel it, don't say it or do it. And if you say it, make sure you start to feel it, and begin to do the same. Consistency weaves through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

Humble Authority We might know more than the customer or anybody else in the world, which shouldn't be a matter of pride, but of generosity. Without being condescending, we can share our genuine love for coffee with the intention that the other person falls deeper in love with coffee.

Be open to new ideas. New ways to bring that cup to our clients. Be the authority, but also be a learner. Constantly growing, only so that we can constantly enrich the lives of our customers.
You can’t fake good coffee. Or genuine intentions. You might get some people to agree with your idea of good coffee, but you can’t swing the discerning. You can’t get them to fall in love with the first cup they encounter. No way.

You can expect the discerning to know a medium roast from a dark, and a single estate from a blended. And a French pressed coffee from an aeropressed. And definitely nothing chicory for these palates. They will travel the world, taste the coffees along the Champs-Élysées, and the Prague, and finally come back home to a coffee from a local estate.
Or maybe not. To each their own.
One thing’s for sure, when they find their perfect cup, they want it just the way it is, until eternity.

No change in crop, or grade of roast, or clogging of their coffee machine to ruin their go-to cup. And that’s how we like to keep our coffee.

Not trying to impress everybody and anybody. Just keeping the ones who fall in love with our coffee, in love with our coffee forever. Keeping everything the same.

The crop. The process. The roast. The brewing. Everything consistent. And we can only do this with a focus on being true to that one cup. From start to end. You will find us genuinely interested in giving you a great cup of coffee. With a fanatical focus on consistency.
With an adamant emphasis on meddling in the roasting. With an unstoppable urge to train baristas, and keep our machines in peak shape. Pouring our hearts into every cup.
We are focussed on sharing our love for coffee with the world.

Helping the world find their one true cup