Coffee Queen M2

Rs. Rs.36,625


For the multitude of coffee lovers who swear by filter coffee, this is the perfect machine.
This unique brewing equipment is ideal for use in domestic spaces, 
offices, hotels and restaurants and comes with 2 warming plates, 
2 glass decanters and 25 pieces of filter paper. 
With Coffee Queen M2, a steaming cup of delicious authentic filter 
coffee takes just a few seconds.

Technical Information
Height/Width/Depth(mm):  428/205/410
Decanter Volume: 1.8 Litres
Power supply:  220-230V 1N 
               ~ 2390W 
Electricity: 1phase
Weight: 9 kg
Maximum number of cups each brew: 12
Brew time: 6 mins
Capacity: 15litres/hour