V60 Craft Coffee Maker (White)

Rs. Rs.1,890


V60 has a conical shape for deeper layering of coffee ground, providing a rich umami flavour. The single large hole provides the ultimate freedom- pour the water quickly for a light flavour or slowly if you like your coffee rich.

The Pour over kit consists a cone shape dripper, a spoon and filter paper.

Best for home use. Can brew 1-4 cups of coffee at a single use. Makes good black coffee.

Brewing time: 3 Minutes

Grind size: Between medium to fine grind.

Blend recommended: Morning Drew Medium Roast Premium Coffee, Morning Dew Monsooned Malabar Medium Roast Gourmet Coffee.

Roast Recommended: Preferably light to light medium roasts. Water temperature between 90-95 degrees celcius, less than boil.

Proportion of ground coffee: 15g for 200g of water.

How to brew:

1. Open a filter paper and place over the cone dripper.
2. Then place the cone dripper over a carafe or a cup.
3. Moisten the filter paper with hot water and then dispose of the hot water from the carafe below. this removes the paper taste from the filter paper.
4. Place the carafe along with the dripper over a weighing scale.
5. Use the above propertions but ensure the cone is filled atleast 50% to ensure correct brewing time.
6. Pour water gently over the ground coffee. Ensure, all the coffee powder is moistened.
7. Allow the coffee to "bloom" for upto 30 seconds. This causes the CO2 to escape the coffee , which you can see in the form of bubbles if the coffee is freshly ground.
8. Pour the remaining water as per the desirede proportion suggested for the blend.
9. At the end of the pour, you may or may not choose to stir the coffee a little to ensure a flat bed of coffee powder.

Enjoy your coffee!