Coffee Art

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Perfect for small restaurants, canteens and caf├ęs, this machine
is customizable owing to a list of optional accessories like cup 
warmers, milk cooling units etc. The entry model comes with a 
230V operation allowing production of 180-250 beverages per hour
(optional upgrade-400V three phase system). The 8 double key function
enables programming of 16 different beverages 
(optional upgrade-16 button user panel for 36 different programmable 
beverages or a 7" Touch screen panel for 40 different beverages). The 
temperature barrier between bean container and heat generating components 
protects the coffee beans from excessive heat. There is a separate
hot water/steam dispensing wand. The grinder can be upgraded from
1 to 2 units. There is also a height adjustable coffee outlet and a waste water 
outlet. The machine features a fully automatic cleaning programme.
It also comes with a power save mode for energy- saving operations. 
Other upgrades include the powder system, a large variety of beverages
like chocolate beverages and the Scaherer "Milk Universe" which 
comes with a variety of steam wands, milk systems and power systems to choose from.

Technical Details
Width / depth / height 420 / 538 / 642 mm
Weight about 40 kg
Standard colours:Silver and Black