Coffee Queen Mega Gold A

Rs. Rs.77,625


Mega Gold A is equipped with an automatic water filling system 
and electronic time control. It is possible to adjust the amount
of brew size from 4 to 12 cups. Once the brewing is complete 
a signal is indicated. It comes with 2.5 litre service station with sight gauge 
and tap, Brew-thru lid, 1.5 metre connection hose and 25 pieces filter paper.

Technical information
Height/Width/depth(mm)- 655/ 205/445 mm
Decanter  Volume- 2.5 Litres
power supply- 220-230V 1N 
~ 2200W
Weight- 11.5 kg
Maximum number of cups each brew-17
Brew time-8.5 minutes
Capacity- 19litres/hour